Welcome. I am really pleased that you found your way to my Web site.

I have organized my site according to the good, the bad and the ugly. Please keep the good parts in mind while you read the bad and the ugly. There are many things cast upon this Earth that are disagreeable and dangerous, but your life and my life need not be ruled by them. When you read about the past wars and all of the suffering that people went through, it is easy to forget that some, a few people, were able to live a reasonably normal life in the midst of all the agony. They were not impervious to the evil. They were well aware of it. But, somehow, the worst passed them by. In the midst of all the evil today, can you still have a good life and raise a family? Yes! Let me tell you more.

The Good

Humans are powerful entities, but few know it.

Here are some falsehoods that people have been taught from early childhood.

  • That they are powerless to create their own, good life.
  • That they must depend upon the church or the government to protect them from evil.
  • That they must depend upon the medical community and pharmaceuticals to regain health and to stay healthy.
  • That they must depend upon the banks to loan them the money to buy the good things in life that they really cannot afford.
All of those concepts are false. The reality is here.

  • You deserve a good, safe life on this planet, Earth.
  • You have guardian angels to protect you. Find out how, here.
  • You have spirit guides to give you guidance when you ask.
    • Learn more here.
    • Do you wish to test if there really are angels that will help you?
  • You can improve your health in connection with your higher self.
    • Your body listens to you and speaks to you.
    • Your affirmations do work to improve your life.
    • Your regular meditation will provide the mental and spiritual links you need.
  • You have an avenue of information available to you that will seem like magic.
  • You have more abilities than you were ever told.

The Bad

The world seems to be changing.

Actually, the events listed in here will be bad for people alive at that time, but may be what humanity needs in the long term. Who can tell. Everyone knows that there is no longer something once called “normal weather”. It seems there are more and bigger hurricanes and more earthquakes than ever before in written history. The Earth is heating up, yet many talk of a coming ice age. There are many theories, but none seem to fit reality.

  • Climate Changes are happening, but not as you are being told by the media.
  • Severe water shortages are becoming news items. There have been wars over water rights.
  • The coming Mini Ice Age is on our horizon. This extremely deep cold period will change mankind's history, as it did before.
  • The Earth's magnetosphere is weakening threatening a magnetic pole swap. It has started already, but may complete late in this century.

I do wonder how people will survive the multiple threats of increased volcanism followed by a deep cold spell and major Earth changes. But people threatened with life-changing events are resourceful and resilient. We shall see this through in our lifetimes.

The Ugly

The times that we live in are testing many of us.

Evil walks the land. The USA has become a police state. The problem results in an FBI and CIA that we cannot trust and might learn to fear. (There are many good men in both agencies, but their leadership is corrupt.) When the order comes down to shoot, how many police will refuse? How many will kill without a thought? It has happened before.

There is much evil in this beautiful world of ours. It is very sad to see those children existing in cages stashed in closed Walmarts. I hate to think what further evils have been planned for those poor unfortunate children. The evil bastard elites that have been running the USA for years and are using out nation’s resources to destroy other nations around the world have plans to treat us all in that way.

The question is, are there any opposing forces rising up from humanity to prevent a completed NWO? I think the answer is “Yes.” But this process is slow and taxes our patience while we watch the evil actions of the few that seem to have free reign over everyone.

It is difficult for nearly all to earn a living wage. Many are working two jobs (when they can get it) in order to put bread on the table. An illness can wipe out any savings and can lose them their family home. People also live in constant (artificial) fear of terrorists. In too many other parts of the world, people are suffering from the wars started by the USA and the UK and the Israelis. Wars to destroy the homes and lives of middle-eastern people in the name of stamping out terrorists. Wars to preserve the USA petrodollar. Wars to serve the elite, criminal cabal.

Those who are evil know they are fighting a losing battle against the light - so they fight harder. We will witness even worse crime against humanity.

  • What are ChemTrails?
  • The All-Seeing Eye - The All-Seeing Eye found on the US dollar bill.
  • The many 'false flag' events are designed to change public opinion. The goal is to cement power by spreading terror.
    • The explosion of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City in 1995
    • The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City on 9/11/2001
    • Ebola
    • The Hijacking of MH370 - What really happened?
    • Shooting down the Flight MH17 airliner over the Ukraine in 2014 - Who did it?
  • Living in the Forth Reich - Why We Left The USA in 2012 to live in Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • An Earth-Changing Weapon

I have only listed a few of these evils to give you a feel for them - maybe a small shock. The complete list would take volumes, and much evil is still hidden. Through all this, I remain an optimist for the long term history of mankind on this good Earth.

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