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The ChemTrail Problem

ChemTrail Jet

This is real. Many people have reported trails of chemicals being sprayed by unmarked air craft. These "chemtrails" at first look similar to the contrails normally seen created by high-flying jets across the sky, but the chemtrails are much thicker and lower and are found criss-crossing the city sky. Then the chemtrails slowly expand to cover the sky like clouds. The spraying also causes illnesses.

These are the top four reported illnesses.

There are many more health problems, such as fatigue, headaches, sinus pain, joint pain, and muscle pain. Unfortunately, these toxins are cumulative, so in time you will be increasingly affected.

Criss-crossing ChemTrails in the sky

What Chemicals are Used?

The chemical makeup of these chemtrails has been analysed. They are predominately aluminium dust with many other toxic metals added.

Why are they doing this?

It may be that these chemicals, when ingested or inhaled, will make you more docile and easily controlled. The powers that be do not like agitators, demonstrators, or dissidents of any kind.

ChemTrails over Georgia

You Can Remove The Toxins In Your Body

If you have learned to use any of the advanced healing techniques - do so now. Or find someone who is able and willing. I invite you to email me for remote chemtrail cleansing if you cannon find someone local to do it for you. You may email me by clicking the "Contact Me Here" at the bottom of this page.

My Sources

My sources are entities in the light. They send me information via meditation and channeling. I write what I am given with confirmation from dowsing. So my sources are spiritual and not of this Earth.

The Proof

You should feel better immediately. If you are a dowser or know one, you can check for toxins in your body before and after.

My prayers are with you.

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