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The Hijacking of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Breaking News: All the passengers and crew of that fateful plane have been murdered. The plane has been sequestered. (Sept 2014)

Boeing airliner disappears in flight with 239 passengers

The Illuminati recently made a psychological attack upon China.   It was the hijacking of Malaysian Flight 370.   As you know, the CIA are under Illuminati control. The CIA used existing technology to remotely take over the Boeing 777 and fly it to their stronghold of Diego Garcia, just as one would fly a drone.   The plane's crew had no choice but to be unwilling passengers of the remote-controlled airplane.

The cargo and one prisoner were unloaded on the island.   The plane was re-fueled and then flown to Pasni, Pakistan which is an area controlled by the CIA.   It is still there, on the airport tarmac, covered.   All but ten of the passengers and crew are being held prisoner there.   Nine died from stress early into this covert action. Why they kept one passenger, Philip Wood, on the island, I do not know. I am told they have some use for him.

The naval forces of all those nations out there in the Indian Ocean are trying to do a good thing. That includes the US Navy. They are trying to find a missing airplane using high technology and due diligence. They are looking in the area that provides them with the best chance of success according to the data that they have. The bulk of the US Navy is made of really good guys, trying to locate this plane. They don't know that a "pinger" normally used with airline black boxes was dropped into the Indian Ocean to create misinformation. Obama knows the whole story.   The military joint chiefs of staff know the whole story. Many in the US Congress know the whole story.   And now so do you.

The Illuminati Is Dead?

Some of you might object to this story, thinking that the Illuminati died off centuries ago.   I know. We are supposed to think that they don't exist.   My opinion is that’s misinformation spread by the Illuminati. Perhaps you know them by a different name: "Cabal", "Hidden Government", "Secret Military", "Bilderbergers", "Greedy Elite", "New World Order", or TPTB (The Powers That Be). Don’t be fooled when told that something does not exist. Let me tell you that I once worked in a location that doesn't exist on a project that never was for a non-existent company doing impossible things to 'protect' the USA.   Please also keep in mind that many in the CIA are good people duped into doing bad things in the name of peace.

Why Do This?

You might also ask "But why?"  I did.   What on earth will they do with that Boeing 777? Not much - maybe salvage the parts. And the captives, sadly, are expendable.  That's not the point.   The point is that China has had to endure the loss of face of being helpless to return their missing people.   China had to let a small, incapable nation (Malaysia) bumble their way through the whole mess.   China has lots of its truly mighty fleet out there finding only flotsam.   The Chinese government looks incompetent, ineffective, and incapable.  To whom?  To their own people. The Illuminate are out to destroy all nations to complete their new world order. They use financial means and military means, but best yet is to stir up social unrest to overthrow governments.

Why Do This? Update

A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing. It was apparently a radar cloaking device. They were flying home to China.

My Sources

You must understand that my sources are entities in the light. They send me information via meditation and channeling. I write what I am given with confirmation from dowsing. So my sources are spiritual and not of this Earth. I wrote this after periods of channeling, but before I published this, I have asked many times for confirmation from several other-world sources.

The Proof

This is the only story that fits all the known facts. Such as, the last known bearing of the airplane was more towards the island of Diego Garcia than towards any of the search areas. The real proof will come out when the airplane is found.

I pray for all of those who were aboard and their families and for the perpetrators.

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