Socialist Ecuador

Two years ago, we decided to move from the USA to a clearly stated socialist nation, and a few of our family and friends have asked why. I was not seeking socialism. I was not particularly attracted to socialism as a way of life although I understood its roots in Latin America as a result of people now removing the last remnants of the European colonialist yoke. We were aware that the ‘landed gentry’ were being forced to give up many of the resources which their fore-bearers had stolen from indigenous people. That socialist movement was an action which most Latin Americans had accepted and voted for. In the USA, that movement was labeled “Communism”, and for years that viewpoint has prevented any real relations between the USA and Latin American nations - only with the Latin American dictators of the past. We really do not think much about these politics. They do not involve us. Linda and I had become non-political while living in the USA. By that, I mean the power and the allure of the ballet box had been taken away by those who would choose our candidates for us. Both candidates are always screened, bought and paid for prior to the election. So why vote?

Why Leave America?

So, why did we leave? One reason was because we were ashamed of living in the only nation that, here and now in the twenty first century, still makes war on weaker nations to take control of their resources and assets.
(Think Iraq.)
I was ashamed to live in a nation whose people would enjoy those stolen resources while ignoring the plight of the subjugated. Another reason, I was appalled to live with people who willingly gave up their constitutionally defined, God-given rights in exchange for some modicum of false security.
(Think “Patriot Act”.)
That they had agreed to live in a world of continuous warfare as a new way of life. Thirdly, we were tired of ‘living’ in a land controlled by and owned by private banks, in a nation that was successfully squeezing the life blood out of its own middle class. The last two presidents (both political parties) gave away trillions of dollars to the banksters, blaming the crisis on anyone but those criminal bank owners. Now as a further insult, we have the US military spraying chemtrail toxins over the cities to make restless citizens more controllable.

Ask the 6000 Americans that dropped their USA citizenship in 2014. Why?

Living In The Fourth Reich

We tired of living in the The Fourth Reich. Yes, the USA is owned and operated by a select few very rich families that are trying to maintain the facade of democracy while they slowly destroy the USA. They have used terrorism to cement their power through fear. The USA is now a police state. This 'life style' was not for us. Unfortunately, there are still ties that bind us, both emotionally and financially. Both of us have family and friends there. Further, we are still dependent upon money from the USA in the form of Social Security - as uncertain as it is. Years ago, we naively looked at the SS as a forced savings, but a savings none the less that we could draw upon after retirement. How false! I am working to remove that dependency, that last control ‘string’ from Nazi USA.

When Did It All Change?

I am an expat, that is, I am an ex-patriot of the USA.   Yet, I am still a patriot of the nation that I grew up in. Unfortunately, the USA of today is not that same USA. The USA has changed. The take-over by the fascist Nazi cabal was gradual and was difficult to notice.   Some say it started in the late forties when Nazis were brought to the USA in project “paperclip”. Some say it started long before that.   I was certainly not one of the first to wake up and smell the coffee. I first became aware that something was really wrong in our nation when Nixon was president, and I naively thought that voting for “the other party” would solve that problem. I know better now.

I Am Optimistic

Before I became an ex-patriot, I would talk with my ‘fellow’ Americans about what we had lost in the USA. They would not listen. Actually, many would listen, but then disagree or worse, agree but then walk away, doing nothing, thinking that there was nothing that they could do. Fortunately, there are many aware USA expats who are joining others in the world to educate the people. Several are here, in Ecuador. I have just begun to add my voice to the task of educating people in the USA and elsewhere about what has happened and what is happening to them. I have been sending e-mail to our friends and our family members. I have put up on my WEB site ( and other sites information about what really happened to the missing Malaysian airliner and its crew and passengers - and who did it. I have recently posted that the secret USA military is working on a terrible, new weapon to destroy Japan and more rigidly control the other nations. When perfected, it will be able to re-shape tectonic plates. Such a weapon would require tremendous energy - which they have!.

Yes, I am dreaming of the day when we can once again live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yet there is much more to do. The dark powers are exceedingly strong, but their NWO agenda will not succeed. ”

My prayers are with all of you.

Last updated Oct 15, 2014