My First Life On Earth

Well, in such a wide-open field of study where does one begin? Perhaps one begins at the beginning. At this point I had suspected other lives on other planets, but decided to focus on my lives here on this Earth. This is my study of my first life here, and you may be sure it presented quite a surprise for me. I added a 'Preparation' paragraph just to show how I began this study. Also, you can see that after reviewing the dowsing session, I realised lots of unresolved issues that warrant further sessions.



Study my first life on Earth.


My Session Log

May I study my first life on this planet? Yes.
In my first life on the Earth, was I born here? No.
Did I arrive by a vehicle? Yes.

Was the vehicle a 'space craft'? Yes.
Was it from the Pleadeas? Yes.
How long did the trip take? About sixteen days? Yes.
Can I determine which star, which planet, and what my race was? Yes.
Was I the tall, thin light-skinned Pleadean sometimes pictured in Web sights? No.
Do Pleadeans comprise more than one race? Yes.
Was I about six feet tall, as I am now? Yes.

Was this visit to Earth more about 150,000 years ago? Yes.
Was I here to colonise the Earth? Yes.
How many were with me? More than 2000? Yes. More than 3,000? No.

Did the continents that Earth has now, exist then? Yes.
Did the continent of Lemuria exist then? Yes.
Was it also called Mu? Yes.
Did Atlantis exist then? No.
Did I first settle in Lemuria? Yes.
Did all the others traveling with me settle there also? Yes.
Were the present mountains of Hawaii a part of Lemuria then? Yes.
Were there humans living on the Earth when we arrived? Yes.
Neanderthal? Yes. Cro-Magnon? Yes.
Was their technology of the old stone age? Yes.
Were there beings on Earth then that we might now call 'Big-Foot'? yes.
Were there more advanced 'people' living on the Earth when we arrived? Yes. Were they human? No.
Were they Reptaloids? Yes.
Did the Reptaloids evolve on the Earth? Yes.
How advanced were the Reptaloids? Did they have electronics? Yes. Jet planes? Yes.
Did we have much contact with the Reptaloids? Yes.
Did we get along with them well? Yes.
Was I part of the first Pleadean visit to Earth? Yes.
When we arrived, were there any other extra-terrestrials present? No.
Had there been previous E-T visits from other sources. Yes.

Did I have a wife in Lemuria? Yes.
Did she travel with me in the same space craft? Yes.
Have I met my wife (of this life) in subsequent lives? Yes.v Have I met my children (of this life) in subsequent lives?
One of them? Yes.
Did I have a family, Yes.
How many children? Two? Yes.
Were my children born in Lemuria? Yes.

Did My family grow food in an Earth garden? No.
Did I eat meat? No.
Did we eat at all? Yes.
Did we depend on food technology brought from Pleadeas? Yes.
Did we live in a single-family dwelling? Yes.
Was it made from Earth materials? Yes.
Did we try to preserve all life around us on the Earth? Yes.
Did we have regular visits from the Pleadeas? Yes.

Lemurians were simply Pleadeans living in Lemuria on the planet Earth. Yes.
Did Lemurians have a police force? No.
Did Lemurians commit crimes? No.
Did Lemurians have a military? No.
Did Lemurians pay taxes? No.

Did our colony explore the planet? Yes.
Did our colony spread across the Earth? No
In this lifetime, did some of us perform DNA experiments with humans? No.
With any other inhabitants of Earth? No.
Did I live out my life on Earth? No.
Did I live in Lemuria for more than 200 years? Yes.
Then I returned to the Pleadeas? Yes.
In our 200 years on the Earth, did other E-T visit the planet? Yes.
Did we get along? No.
Was there strife between the races?
Yes. Were there battles? No.
Is that why I left? Yes.
Did all the Pleadeans leave together? Yes.
Thank you.

Unresolved Issues