My Second Life On Earth

An obvious followup to my fist life on Earth is take a look at my second life here. This is a record of my study of my second life on planet Earth. I added the same 'Preparation' paragraph just to show how I began this study. Also, you can see that after reviewing the dowsing session, I realized lots of unresolved issues that warrant further sessions.



Study my second life on Earth.


My Session Log

Did I ever visit Lemuria again? Yes.
In the same lifetime? No.
Did I visit Lemuria in another lifetime? Yes.
Was that visit my very next lifetime? No.
In my second visit to Lemuria, was I born there? Yes.
Was this second lifetime in Lemuria more that 700 years after the first visit? Yes.
Was I born into the second Pleadean colony to the Earth? Yes.
Were both of my parents born in Lemuria? Yes?
How long had this second colony been there when I was born?
More than 400 years? Yes.

During my second lifetime on Earth, were there other E-T living there? No.
Were there other E-T visiting there? No.
Were there Lemurian projects to develop the Earth? Yes.
Were there Reptaloids living there then? Yes.
Did we still get along with them well? Yes.

Did I live out my second lifetime on Earth? Yes.
Did I marry a woman also born on the Earth? Yes.
Have I met my wife (of this life) in subsequent lives? No.
Did I have a family, Yes.
How many children? Four? Yes.
Have I met my children (of this life) in subsequent lives? Yes.
All of them? Yes.
Were we spiritual? Yes.
Were we aware of our prior lives? Yes.
How long did I live in my second visit to Earth? More than 600 years? Yes.
Did I live in Lemuria this entire life? Yes?

Did our second colony spread across the planet? Yes.
Did we have regular visits from the Pleadeas? Yes.
Was the colony successful and strong by the end of this life? Yes.
Was I ever, again a Lemurian? No.
Since then, all my lives have been human. No.

Unresolved Issues