Guardian Angels

Your guardian angel is your's for life. Mine has saved my life many times. A guardian angel is different than a Spirit Guide.

What Is A Guardian Angel?

It seems that your Guardian Angel is assigned to you at birth. He will be there for you all of your life. Angels do not have a gender, but we may call them "he" or "she", whichever we are most comfortable. We can assign them a name or ask "Tell me your name." Your Guardian Angel will not force himself upon you, but will protect you from harm's way if you ask. I am told that they will do nothing for you until you ask. Asking an angel for help brings them great joy. They have waited all your life for you to ask. Angels are not allowed to interfere with your life because we live on a planet of free choice. The only exception is that your Guardian Angel will save your life without being asked if you have an important goal to achieve. Then he will step back and let you do what you wish. Angels will from time to time present you with small signs of their presence.

How to ask for help

Right now, ask your Guardian Angel for protection. Say (out loud) "I request my Guardian Angel to protect me from all accidents and all predators large and small and from my own foolish actions." Then say "Thank you." Do not say "Please." This request will change your life forever. You will begin to notice when you are protected from things or events - no matter how small. The protection includes virus and bacteria. Say thank you each time.

Last updated October 25, 2018