Resume of Warren Neun Light - Retired

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I Am Fully Retired As Of 2005

Consultant Database Designer & Database Administrator

My specialty is database systems design and implementation to support client/server and E-commerce applications.

I have designed and installed many databases employing Microsoft, Sybase and Oracle data systems based on Intel, HP, Sun, and IBM computers using both NT and UNIX. I am also familiar with Linux.

Some of my accomplishments are Data Modeling, Database Implementation, ASP SQL to support Dynamic HTML Web pages, Fail/Over Systems, Performance Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Transaction Analysis, Logical and Physical Database Design, and DBA Instruction.   Some of the tools I frequently use are ER/Studio, DBArtisan, M/S Enterprise Manager, ERwin, SQL Monitor, and SQL Navigator.

I have designed and installed fail-over database systems to support business continuity. This includes a high-availability, multi-server system that allows protection from database corruption.   I have installed replication systems on NT and UNIX servers.   I have designed and created Active Server Pages and the databases and the stored procedures that support them on internal and commercial Web sites.   

I am familiar with SQL, VBScript, Javascript, Python, and PHP.

I have worked in the software field since 1973 to support business and government activities in several "energy" areas.

  • Natural Gas Trading
  • Power Trading and Marketing
  • Off-shore Drilling
  • Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Atomic Energy Research
  • High Energy Physics Research

I have worked for these corporations:
Here is my work history:
  • Delinea, Inc., Houston, TX 10/2000-2005
    Senior DBA
    Create and execute plan to upgrade mission-critical M/S SQL Servers from version 6.5 to version 2000. Model data and design database and access plans for energy trading applications. Database support for market risk and credit risk applications. Assist troubleshooting application access to databases. Design and create an internal WEB site (ASP, VBScript, Javascript) to monitor the thirty SQL Servers.

  • Macro Enterprises, Inc., Houston, TX 8/1999-10/2000
    Model data and design database and access plans for many E-commerce sites. Write SQL stored procedures to support those Web site ASP page connections to M/S SQL 7.0 or Oracle 8.5 databases. Model and design the database for several client/server projects. Employed database based Web security methods. Designed and implemented clustered M/S SQL 7.0 databases and wrote SQL for an Internet company offering real-time, multi-point videoconferencing services.

  • Duke Energy Trading & Marketing Co., Houston, TX 9/1996-6/1999
    Consultant - Senior Database Administrator
    Administer of all NT-based M/S SQL Servers for DETM's mission-critical trading and marketing applications. Provide technical leadership for DETM's DBAs. Head project to convert mission-critical databses to M/S SQL server version 7.0. Develop new databases to support new applications. Help select storage hardware for speed optimization. Design plan for testing hardware configurations. Model these new databases according to good standards to ensure optimal performance. Explore new technologies. Optimize existing mission-critical databases that were not built to standards. Create on-site hot backup database systems and off-site fail-over database systems.

  • SONAT Marketing Co., SONAT Services, Houston, TX 3/1995-9/1996
    Consultant - Senior Database Administrator
    Maintain a mission-critical, SYBASE System 10 database in support of gas marketing. Optimize system for performance. Provide triggers for relational data integrity. Incorporate use of stored procedures by AM GUI application. Develop a reliable data recovery system. Implement a "Warm Backup" scenario with Sybase Replication Server. Implement access control and auditing for enhanced security.

    Install a web server and created intranet (internal corporate) Web pages that are connected to a Sybase data server via the Web server.

  • Global Marine Drilling Co., MIS, Houston, TX 7/1993-12/1994
    Consultant - Database Administrator
    Logical and physical design and implementation of SYBASE databases that support PowerBuilder GUI applications for Preventive Maintenance of drilling rig machinery, Rig Location database, Materials Requisitions and Purchase supporting users world-wide over a WAN. Guided the migration of legacy data from mainframe hierarchical databases. Developed special database security mechanisms. Wrote triggers and stored procedures. Implemented extensive business rules using triggers and stored procedures. Tuned and optimized the server, database, stored procedures and triggers for performance. Converted existing SYBASE database SCL to System 10. Trained a Global Marine employee to be an assistant DBA.

  • Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co., PEPL Systems, Houston, TX 1/1993-7/1993
    Consultant - Database Administrator
    Conducted requirements analysis, data modeling, and logical design of three relational databases to support applications that manage their reserves data. Completed physical design and implementation of the databases using a SYBASE SQL Server on an HP 9000. Helped Panhandle to choose the target server platform. Planned and guided the migration of existing data from mainframe, hierarchical databases. Implemented significant business rules using triggers. Tuned and optimized for the application. Integrated a database to support periodic measurements of pipeline data. Total of 3 G-Bytes, 75 tables supporting users nationwide over a WAN. Trained a Panhandle Eastern employee to assume DBA duties.

  • CTA Incorporated, Pleasantville, NJ 11/1989 - 11/1992
    Chief Engineer
    Requirements analysis, data model, and design of a relational database to support the Oceanic Development Facility System Integration Testbed at the FAA Technical Center in New Jersey. Used SYBASE RDBMS serving client applications written in C within a UNIX (ULTRIX) environment.

  • GE Aerospace, Camden, NJ 7/87-11/89
    Senior Engineer
    Designed a distributed relational database used in a world-wide networked system and the design of real-time, memory cached databases for several performance-bound system components. Developed an interface in 'C' from the Object-Oriented ADA design to the SQL-driven Sybase database servers.

    Reverse engineered several surface navigation algorithms based on high frequency radio propagation theory that fix transmitter locations from direction finding data. Transferred varied databases to one, integrated, relational database for navigation algorithms.

  • DBA Systems Incorporated, Melbourne, FL 1/1981-5/1987
    Senior Engineer
    Deputy program manager, to provided the technical leadership, of a contract to extend the math analysis capability of a system written in FORTRAN and installed on a multi-VAX network. Managed eight software engineers, and was involved in extensive customer interaction.

    Lead Engineer in the design and implementation of applications for a classified DoD system written in FORTRAN 77 and using the Oracle RDBMS.
    Test Director for an 18 month re-engineering project.

  • EG&G, Incorporated, Las Vegas, NV 10/1977-1/1981
    Senior Scientist
    Lead programmer of a team to reverse-engineer interactively analysis routines employing a least-squares fit algorithm and graphically displayed digitized data from film recorded during nuclear tests. Applied Yourdon's structured methods in the development of a network of DEC micro computers and various specialized acquisition hardware to acquire and analyze nuclear test data on site in Nevada.

  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL 7/1972- 10/1977
    Systems Analyst II
    Maintained a real-time system of minicomputers for monitor & control of an accelerator at Fermilab. Wrote pioneering GUI interface for accelerator operation and high energy physics research and development.

Military: U. S. Air Force, Vietnam Era, August, 1968 - July, 1972
  • Illinois State University, BS Degree in Mathematics, 1965
  • Illinois State University, Mathematics, Graduate work, 1967
  • University of Hawaii, Computer Science, Graduate work, 1970